JHJ Therapy is exclusively providing virtual therapy sessions

Mental Health and Psychotherapy Services

Webinars & Trainings

At JHJ Therapy, our commitment to empowerment extends to educational resources in the form of webinars and training sessions. These presentations are carefully curated to provide individuals and communities with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to navigate the complex intersections of systemic and relational health, sexuality, healthy relationships, grief, and loss. Conducted by our experienced therapist, who possesses deep expertise in these areas, our webinars and training sessions offer invaluable insights and actionable strategies.

Whether you're a mental health professional seeking to expand your expertise or an individual striving to enhance your understanding of these multifaceted domains, our educational resources are a reliable source of information and guidance. Our webinars and training sessions aim to equip you with the tools to navigate these complex areas with confidence and empathy, ultimately fostering healthier lives and relationships.

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